Any use of the ISC-CX Application by you constitutes your full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this License Agreement.

By using the Application, you accept the terms of the License Agreement in full, without any exceptions or abbreviations.


Affiliate of the Copyright Holder - a company or an individual who is a part of the same group of persons with the Copyright Holder in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

License Agreement or License - this license agreement concluded between the User and Copyright Holder on the use of the ISC-CX Application.

Mobile device – smartphone, mobile phone, ipad etc.

User – any person using the Application.

Copyright Holder - Multisearch AG, registered under Swiss law, registration number CHE-101.668.891, located at Aeschengraben 29, 4051 Basel, Switzerland.

ISC-CX Application or Application - ISC-CX computer program for mobile devices, version for Android and iOS operating systems, the exclusive rights to which belong to the Copyright Holder.


2.1. By installing, copying the Application to any mobile device or otherwise using the Application, the User fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this License Agreement. If the User disagrees with any of the conditions and refuses to comply with it, the User is obliged to immediately stop using this Application.

2.2. This Application is provided to the User free of charge under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license for use in accordance with the purposes specified in the description of the Application on the territory of the Russian Federation in the following ways: installation (installation), copying to a personal mobile device, launch. When copying a copy of the Application to the device, an individual number is assigned, which is automatically transmitted to the Copyright Holder.

2.3. The User is not entitled to use the Application in any other way not specified in clause 2.2 of this License Agreement.

2.4. When using the Application, the User unconditionally fully accepts and agrees to comply with the terms of the following documents:

2.4.1. The privacy policy posted in the Application and at this link .

2.4.2. The Copyright Holder's Imprint, Legal & Privacy Policy, available on the Internet at .

2.4.3. User Agreement posted in the Application.

2.4.4. Consent to the processing of personal data provided by the User when registering in the Application.


3.1. The User is not entitled to decompile, disassemble, modify, decrypt or perform any other actions with the program code of the Application, process the Application, create derivative works using the Application, as well as make any other use of the Application not provided for by this License.

3.2. Under no circumstances is the User transferred, assigned, or otherwise alienated the exclusive right to the Application.

3.3. The User is not entitled to transfer the Application or a copy of it to third parties, distribute the Application, bring it to the public in any way, including as part of other computer programs or programs for mobile devices.

3.4. Any content, information, databases, design, trademarks and service marks, as well as any other results of intellectual activity (RIA) contained in the Application belong to the Copyright Holder. The user is not entitled to make any use of RIA data without the prior written consent of the Copyright Holder. The User undertakes not to violate the copyright of the Copyright Holder for the name, design, content and any other RIA related to the Application or posted in it.

3.5. The User has the right to use the Application only under the name “ISC-CX”.


4.1. If the User needs to enter any information, data or other content into the Application, the User assures the Copyright Holder that such data or RIA are lawfully obtained or created by the User and the User gives unconditional perpetual consent to the processing and use of such information, data, content, RIA by the Copyright Holder to implement the functional goals of the Application, provide technical support for the User, achieve other goals within the framework of the General Rules and Terms of Use of the Application, other agreements with the User, etc. Any RIA posted by the User in the Application is provided by the User to the the Copyright Holder under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) gratuitous perpetual license.

4.2. The data posted by the User in the Application at the request of the Copyright Holder or its Affiliate, including but not limited to Maxoll LLC (OGRN 1217800100330), and (or) their partners, belong to the Copyright Holder or its Affiliate, respectively. The User is responsible to the Copyright Holder, its Affiliates and their partners for the full compliance of the specified data and the method of obtaining them with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, international law and other applicable law.

4.3. The User undertakes to independently settle any claims of third parties presented in connection with the unlawful use by the User of information, data, other content or RIA of third parties, and also to reimburse the Copyright Holder and (or) his Affiliates for all incurred losses.


5.1. The Application is provided without any representations or warranties, on an "as is" basis. The User acknowledges and agrees that he is solely responsible for its use.

5.2. Neither the Copyright Holder, nor his Affiliates are liable to the User for interruptions or failures in the operation of the Application, the discrepancy between the User's expectations from the Application, any losses incurred by the User or third parties when using or inability to use the Application.


6.1. This License Agreement is governed by the substantive laws of the Russian Federation.

6.2. All disputes and disagreements under this agreement are subject to resolution with the obligatory observance of the claim procedure.

6.3. Address for filing claims to the Copyright Holder: Aeschengraben 29, 4051 Basel, Switzerland.

Claims to the User are sent to the email address specified by the User when registering in the Application.

6.4. The term for consideration of claims is 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim.

6.5. All disputes under this agreement are considered in the competent courts of the Russian Federation.


7.1. This License Agreement can be changed by the Copyright Holder at any time unilaterally. Notice of changes to the License Agreement is published on the Internet at: . Changes come into force from the date of publication or notification of the User about the change in conditions in another way, including, but not limited to, by e-mail.