Simply Tasks

Track, Analyze, and Correct Compliance Issues in Real-Time.

Can you quickly check product stock at any of your POS?

Can you see if it’s priced properly there? Can you track if they have properly executed your promotions?

Simply Tasks gives you instant access to a huge crowd of global Taskers who are ready, willing, and able to quickly collect critical real-world information on your brand. You will finally be able to check-in on any of their worldwide locations in real-time and to immediately correct any uncovered issues with the power of crowdsourcing.   

Our Simply Tasks engagements break down traditional data-collection methods into small tasks, which will be rapidly assigned to local assets via a mobile app system that offers mini-jobs to consumers as they go about their day-to-day life. We connect you with a large pool of Taskers who will go to your locations to ask questions, take photos or videos, and acquire whatever data you need to optimize your operations.


Immediately Identify and Fix Poor Execution at Any of Your Global Locations.

Simply Tasks: Key Benefits

  • Track Compliance: Define, track, and ensure compliance at any—or all—of your global locations.
  • Launch Quickly: Start collecting real-time data within hours of starting your engagement.
  • Intuitive Analysis: Visualize, analyze, and act on your data from your personal dashboard.

ISC-CX provides us with accurate information about our competitors so we can make informed business decisions and define our strategy.

Alessandro Salviato Marketing Supervisor

ISC-CX allows our team to manage our network of restaurants with necessary information and real-time photos to supplement our CX strategy. 

Javier Dasi Trade Marketing

With ISC-CX, we get real-time information about our retail execution where our POS managers normally struggle to reach.

Victor Lopez Marketing Director

ISC-CX designed and implemented a tailor-made, intelligent and efficient solution via their crowdsourcing platform within a very short timeframe. ISC-CX is a reliable partner who is constantly optimizing and offering new solutions to us.

Andreas Diener Relationship Manager
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